Budget cuts in education: What are implications?

Budget cuts in education: What are implications?
Attending college is an important milestone. In many cases, college is where students become career-ready. Colleges and universities depend on funding from the government to operate. Many programming and services offered by universities and colleges are made possible, in part, by governmental funding. Budget cuts for colleges and universities negatively impact students’ college experiences and dampen their career outlook.

Why is this important, many years of cuts in some in united state funding for public colleges and universities became to price up for tuition and harmed to student’s educational experiences by forcing faculty reductions, fewer course offerings, and campus closings. Became feel limited to choices have made college less affordable and less accessible for students who need degrees to succeed in today’s economy. This not only affects students but the working class and homeowners as well. Because of these cutbacks, students are not participating in clubs or getting extra help from teachers. There are not enough tutors and teachers in the college. This has been a huge impact on the students and employees in college and universities, which has resulted in less motivation and less time invested in learning or teaching.

People’s futures are affected by these budget cuts. The education provides a better future and a more fulfilling life to people. The faculty cuts and reduced classes affect the quality of education for students, because students are not receiving the full attention they need and deserve to get a proper education. Education is the most important possession a person must have. It is the keys to success and knowledge. It is the only that cannot be taken away from a person’s passions and will of the open windows of opportunities.

The education will help us grow as an individual and have better understanding of life, and give us a financial stability but what happens when education get cuts down. The people will stuggles with thier financial and denied from Federal Student Aid By making budget cuts to education, is this helping out education or letting it down. Possible the people will get their degree in lately if price going up and up more than ever.

The negative effects of education budget cuts, that are being impacted at all levels of education. Unfortunately, the low income students are affected the most and the students with disabilities and students of special needs, will also feel the effects of the education budget cuts before other students because they still learning and learning delay. The educational cuts that will have less of an impact on the opportunity to quality education affecting students.

BACKGROUND: Why is this important?
Negatively Impact students’ college experiences: how, in what ways…what do you mean? Spend about 3 pages talking about this.
Dampen their career outlook: what do you mean? How? What sources you have that says if you don’t receive certain college services and experiences you will be less prepared and ready for career. Also, compare and contrast how students who attend colleges with a robust extracurricular activity will recieve lots more opportunities and be better prepared for the work force. Talk about internships and talk about ……anything where the government’s money can be construed to mean support for the students.

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