Dissertation should be between 12,000 and 15,000 words Not included in the word count are everything before the first chapter

Here are some instructions to get started; this will help you stay on track and have a clear direction (you may find the document I attached useful, which is just a ‘template’ and your research might slightly deviate from it).

Length of the dissertation;

Dissertation should be between 12,000 and 15,000 words
Not included in the word count are everything before the first chapter; indented quotation (of more than 50 words); tables; figures; diagrams; reference list; appendices

Chapter one is the introduction, which is basically the extended proposal (Attached).

Chapter two is the literature review, where you will identify a gap or a problem, which you will be investigating. Literature review could help you to formulate hypotheses or propositions. This is more appreciated by examiners when a student is able to propose a model, propositions or hypotheses. You might have the different view, but what I am suggesting is the best way of doing research, which yields the highest grades.

You might need a Chapter Research Context, although it depends on the topic.

Chapter three is a chapter methodology, where you explain your chosen method, but more importantly why you have chosen this particular method. You have to justify this by comparing to other available methods. This is what examiners will be looking for.

Chapter four is the findings where you present the results of your investigation. This chapter does not contain any discussion. Chapter four is followed by the discussion (Chapter five). The discussion is based on your findings from Chapter four and the literature review that you covered in chapter two. Basically, at the beginning in Chapter Introduction you propose something and at the end (in Chapter Discussions) you confirm what you have found regardless whether your findings are positive or negative, regardless whether they support your propositions, model or hypotheses.

Finally, last chapter (six) is the conclusions, where you explain what you have done in this research, main findings, limitations of the study and very important – future research (what is that you haven’t done, and what is that someone else could do research on).

Send me chapter by chapter when they are ready. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries

Hope it helps.

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