Drawing on your understanding of international marketing topics, you are required to produce a report of no more than 3000 words (excluding content list, appendices, and reference list) to fulfill the following brief.

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Assignment Brief
Drawing on your understanding of international marketing topics, you are required to produce
a report of no more than 3000 words (excluding content list, appendices, and reference list)
to fulfill the following brief.
In the first instance, you are required to select a foreign food or beverage brand. Based on your
chosen brand prepare an outline international marketing plan for entry to the Sri Lankan market.
This will include a brief analysis of Sri Lanka to assess its level of attractiveness for your chosen
brand. The plan should include a detailed discussion on the relevant areas of the international
marketing mix and a comprehensive justification on your recommended marketing strategy and
method of entry/operations.
The foreign food or drink brand must not be currently available in the selected market.
Your selected brand must be from a company not currently operating in Sri Lanka.
The selected brand must be suitable for distribution via a supermarket, department store or
similar outlet and NOT via direct outlets only.
Assessment guidelines:
1. Justification and evaluation of selected UK target market via 10%
sources such as Mintel / Keynote databases
2. Suitability of market entry recommendations 10%
3. Suitability of marketing strategy recommendations 20%
4. Suitability of marketing mix recommendations 40%
5. Presentation, structure and referencing 10%
6. Overall impression of understanding of international 10%
marketing concepts and techniques gained from
engagement with scholarly literature
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Please note:
1. It is anticipated that the assignment can be completed from public sources information
(e.g. databases, annual reports, press reports, websites, and promotional literature).
2. It can be a large or small multinational, global or multi – regional company.
3. Appendices of not more than 500 words may be attached. Such appendices must contain
supplementary information only and should not be used to circumvent the word limit.
4. The 10% leeway rule on words applies to the main report only and not the
5. Your report should be presented professionally, include a Table of Contents page, be
numbered and make full and accurate use of the Harvard referencing style to present all of
your sources that support your claims.
➢ Product Chosen to be introduced to “Sri Lankan market”;


➢ Other Rivalries existing in “Sri Lankan market”;
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Assessment criteria guidelines
Criteria 70% + 60-69% 50-59% 40-49% <40%
Justification and Excellent Good evaluation Satisfactory Limited use of Insufficient
evaluation of selected evaluation and and justification of evaluation and/or concepts to evaluate evaluation and
UK target market via justification of selected target justification of UK and/or justify the justification or
sources such as Mintel/ selected target market. Some key target market. selected UK target unable to
Keynote databases market clearly information may There may be market. analyse.
(10%) based on be missing. some gaps in
research. discussion.
Suitability of market Excellent and Good Satisfactory Limited or weak Insufficient
entry recommendations well-thought out recommendations recommendations recommendations evidence to
(10%) recommendations for market entry for market entry. for market entry support
for market entry Reasonable level which are not recommendatio based on detailed based on detailed of detail and supported well with ns.
and well- and very well- research to research and
researched researched support analysis.
analysis. analysis. recommendations.
Suitability of marketing Excellent ability to Good ability to Satisfactory ability Limited ability to Unable to
strategy develop marketing develop marketing to develop develop marketing develop
recommendations (20%) objectives and objective and marketing objectives and marketing
strategy. strategy. objectives and strategy. objectives and
strategy. strategy.
Suitability of marketing An insightful and Good ability to Satisfactory ability Some attempt at Unable to
mix recommendations well balanced evaluate and to evaluate and coming up with evaluate and
(40%) international apply the apply marketing marketing mix apply the
marketing plan mix. Some recommendation. marketing mix. marketing mix. developed. recommendations May not be detailed Unrealistic plan
Effective level of Excellent level of may not be and/or realistic and little or
detail and realism detail and realistic realistic. Some enough. Work is weak
in marketing mix aspects of the likely to be justification.
recommendations mostly based on marketing mix descriptive and
that are very findings. may be superficial.
clearly based on descriptive.
Presentation, structure The report is very Work is well Some attempt to Weak attempt to Work is
and referencing (10%) well structured, structured in a structure and structure and incoherent,
clearly logical, has logical manner reference work. reference the work. disjointed and a clear agenda and presented Report layout may Little attention paid poorly and is written and well. Good not be very to the presentation
referenced. The presented standards of professional. of the report. Weak
professionally. vocabulary and Acceptable standards of report is not
Referencing in grammar leading standards of vocabulary and presented in an
accordance with to effective vocabulary and grammar making acceptable
Harvard style. communication. grammar to comprehension manner.
Referencing in communicate difficult. Unprofessional
line with Harvard ideas. use of style though there vocabulary and may be
grammar. exceptions.
Overall impression of Advanced Good level of Acceptable but Basic knowledge Unable to
understanding of knowledge and knowledge and limited level of and understanding demonstrate
international marketing critical critical knowledge and of theories. Limited
concepts and understanding understanding understanding. research that engagement.
techniques gained from evident. Excellent evident. Research Research supports some of Not much
engagement with evidence of wider supports the supports analysis the analysis of evidence of
scholarly literature reading and critical analysis of of information. information. understanding
(10%) research that information. of theories.
supports critical
analysis of

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