First Reflection Paper for Clybourne Park:

First Reflection Paper for Clybourne Park:
Due: Jan 22nd
Please write a short analysis/reflection after your first reading of Clybourne Park:
(One to two pages max)
This is your opportunity to describe your gut reaction to the play. You should do this soon after
your first reading. Feel free to describe your honest opinions. There is no wrong or right
here. Describe what you liked, what you found frustrating, what emotionally connected you,
what memories were evoked, what didn’t click, etc.
Here are some questions that may help to guide you:
What was your reaction to the play?
What questions do you have after reading it? What did you wonder about?
Which character did you respond to the most? The least?
Did the play cause you to have any emotional discomfort?
What do you think the playwright intended for the audience to experience?
What initial design ideas do you have?
What initial design questions do you have?
What research do you need to do to better understand the play?

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