Overview of the research project This marketing research project is intended to explore customer insights on the retail firm Dunelm in Bangor, in order to provide the store manager

Overview of the research project
This marketing research project is intended to explore customer insights on the retail firm
Dunelm in Bangor, in order to provide the store manager with valuable information that could
be utilised to improve customer loyalty. To give the management an understanding of what
customer loyalty means in their situation, factors that might drive loyalty are identified. These
potential drivers include the customer perceived value dimensions (price, quality, social,
emotional), trust, commitment, self-brand connection, service quality and customer
satisfaction. [In order to understand these concepts, if not already covered during the
programme, students are expected to conduct a google scholar search and read a few key
journal articles which discuss them.]
Brief facts of Dunelm in Bangor
Dunelm furniture store in Bangor offers a wide range of quality home products at local prices.
From curtains and cushions to bedroom furniture, bedding and sofas, customers can find
furnishing inspiration for their house. Dunelm store can be conveniently reached by car and
public transport. As an alternative, Dunelm assure their customers that there is no need to visit
all the furniture stores in Bangor when trying to track down a specific item. Instead, they can
try to use Dunelm’s “Reserve and Collect” service, which allows the customers to shop online
in the comfort of their own home. Within hours, the customers can have their purchase ready
for collection in the store. There is an in-store café where they offer a range of tasty
sandwiches, and a selection of hot and cold beverages. More details can be obtained from
Purpose of the Report
The main aim of the research is to investigate and identify customer characteristics and their
perceptions that would have an impact on customer loyalty. To this end, a survey was
commissioned and undertaken by an independent Marketing Research agency, whereby a
random sample of 125 customers of Dunelm was interviewed within the store.
In order to achieve the above research aim, specific research objectives have been set as
1. Provide Dunelm with a better understanding of the views, attitudes and general
characteristics of their customers.
2. (a) Identify an ideal (most loyal) customer profile in terms of specific customer
characteristics, and (b) additionally, identify the key customer perceptions that would
lead to higher levels of customer loyalty.
3. Identify (potential) distinct customer segments.
Coursework requirements:
A report giving:
1. an executive summary (of no more than 150 words 5%)
2. an introduction to the retailer and retail environment used within this study (around
450 words 15%)
3. an account of the analysis and resultant findings (around 900 words) on
a. (10%) the sample profile
b. (10%) the ideal customer (regression analysis based on customer characteristics),
c. (20%) the ideal customer (hierarchical regression based on customer
characteristics and customer views/attitudes),
d. (10%) comparing (potential) distinct customer segments based on gender (and/or
other characteristics)
4. (30%) a discussion, limitations and recommendations section (around 500 words)
Supporting evidence (tables/charts/figures) should be included in the body of the report or
in the appendices (where appropriate). The report should be fully referenced using the
Harvard style.
Note that the above percentages are an indication of the weighting of each section. The report will
be marked as a single coherent piece of work and therefore it is important that you consider issues
of structure, layout, and presentation. All tables presented in the main body of the report should be
discussed. The emphasis of the report is on interpreting the statistics rather than describing what
they are.
Additional Information
Your report should be written in a style and format suitable for a reader who is a marketing
manager of the target retailer. The report should be a stand-alone document containing all
necessary information regarding the whole marketing research project excluding details on
the research methodology. The target total word count for the individual report is 2,000 words
(maximum of 2,200 words). Penalty will be applied on submissions beyond 2,200 words. The
word count excludes the table of contents, tables, charts, figures, references and appendices.
Tables, charts, figures, references and appendices must be used with care, must be
appropriate and must be referred to within the main body of the report. In particular, tables,
charts, figures and appendices must NOT be used to circumvent the word count.
A unique data set will be available on Blackboard for each member of the class. Please
download and work on only the data assigned to you, your dataset is named. A survey
questionnaire (same for all students) associated with the data will also be available on
Blackboard. Please look for all coursework related documents within the Blackboard
coursework folder.
The focus of this coursework is on your ability to properly address the marketing research
questions posed and to make justified, insightful and actionable recommendations to the
managers of the retail business under examination. You must fully address the set of research
objectives specified in the coursework. You are strongly advised to present the results and
findings arising from your statistical analyses in a manner that would provide clear and
meaningful information to your intended reader (managers). You are also encouraged to
reflect on the whole marketing research project and state any limitations of the research
undertaken as well as reservations regarding the recommendations offered to the reader.
Lastly, insightful suggestions (with justifications) on key additional (follow-up) marketing
research activities will be welcomed.
Note: Include only relevant SPSS output as appendices and reference them clearly in the
main body of the report. You should create your own tables for the main body of your report
using only the pertinent information from the SPSS output.
Note: Use Times Roman font size 12 with 1.5 spacing in the main body of your report.
You must include the following details on your front page: module code and title; word
count; as well as your name, student ID and degree programme.
Submission 20 December, 2017.
(a) One hard copy of the individual report must be submitted to the Admin hub together with
a completed ‘cover sheet’. Note: the ‘cover sheet’ is available on Blackboard.
(b) One electronic copy of the individual report must be submitted to Turnitin via the
Blackboard site.
See the PG Handbook on procedure for submissions and on Bangor policy on deadline extensions.

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