Reading Assignment paper

 REA‘s should be no longer than 2 pages.
 The required template for these assignments is as follows:
 Name
 Reading Author
 Reading Title
 Date of Assigned Reading
 A general summary of the reading (five sentences max).
 7-10 “take-aways” or general facts from the reading (in your own words). These should be bullet points, but written in complete sentences.
 The most important finding/factor that stuck out to you (five sentences max).
 The sociological perspective incorporated in the reading.
 One multiple choice question from the reading.
Must include four response categories. One may be an “all of the above” or “none of the above.”
Must include the correct answer.
3 Must include a statement about the difficulty of the question (why is it a good question) and where the question can be found (page ?).
 1-2 statements about “what you liked most about the reading” and 1-2 statements about “what you liked least.””
 Paper Submission/Specifications:
o Write in complete sentences
o 12 pt. Times New Roman or Calibri font
o 1” margins
o Single spacing
o Single sided only

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