Rubrics 3 Page of Narrative and 1 Page of reflective Focus

3 Page of Narrative and 1 Page of reflective
Focus – Use first person and dialogue to show rather than TELL an important even in the writer’s life and the insight that he/she has gained as a result of the experience.
Content – Narrative and Reflective
Uses appropriate method of development (Narrative and Reflective). Character, Plot, Conflict, Tension, and Theme
Uses sophisticated rather than superficial detail development for the Narrative and Reflective.
Uses the writer’s experience to make a generalization of life: Clearly expresses this statement of significance, and the writer Shows rather than TELLS change/impact on his/her life.
Uses an effective organization strategy, such as chronological order or flashback.
Uses transitional words and phrases to show relationships among ideas and maintain coherence within and between paragraphs.
Word Choice
Uses active, vivid verbs and no more than 2 “to be” or passive verbs per paragraph.
Uses at least three different pieces of figurative language.
Maintains consistent first-person point of view.
Uses precise word choice
No umbrella words.
No contractions.
Sentence Variety:
Uses bi more than ½ as “subject first” pattern.
Uses at least 3 different types of sentence openers per body paragraph.
Uses all sentence openers at least once in paper
Uses no more than ½ simple sentences.
Uses N2SSWTSW rule – No 2 Sentences starts with the same word.
Uses an average sentence length per paragraph of approximately 20-23 WPS
Uses correct grammar, usage, and mechanics
No fragments, run-ons, agreement errors, or punctuations errors exist.
Writer has incorporated the comma, semi-colon, and colon appropriately.

Characters – Son and Father
Plot: on a Summer day in 2017, son wants to join a private Ivy league school. Father states that has to deserve to desire, then states that he has to improve his English composition(English) in general.
Finally, son reflects on his weakness and decides to join a community college and a public school for undergraduate. After improving his English skills and scoring good marks in other subjects, he would join Public Ivy league school for his Masters.

List at least six things that happen in the story.
Reflective part of Essay
Why do I remember this experience more closely than any others?
What was most important to me during this experience – my own behavior or the behavior of others?
What different emotions did I go through during the experience?
Why did my emotions change?
Write a one sentence statement summarizing what happens at the beginning of your narrative.
Write a one sentence statement summarizing what happens in the middle of your narrative.
Write a one sentence statement summarizing what happens at eh end of your narrative
List three words or phrases that summarize the subjects of your narrative. What is the story about?
Example: guilt, loss, friendship, nature, pride, etc.
Use your list of meanings to write a sentence which expresses what can be learned about life and living from your narrative.
Example: Through the loss of my grandmother, I came to appreciate what her life was about, love of family and caring for others.

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