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Chapter 4: Gender Inequality

Your main DF Post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length or 250-words minimum.
Students may exceed the minimum word count; however, aim to write succinctly.
Answer your chosen prompt thoroughly, using the assigned readings to substantiate your arguments.
Be sure to indicate which option you chose by writing the option number and option title.
Your two Peer Response Posts should be at least five sentences—for each Peer Response.
Include a word count at the end of your main post and for your two Peer Response posts.
Note: There are several steps to complete your chosen DF option for this DF; therefore, please make sure to review your main post before you submit it.
Gender Stratification
Overview: Social Problems: Continuity and Change (2016) outlines the various ways gender functions as an organizing principle in patriarchal societies (i.e., male-ruled societies), which affects every aspect of social life for young girls and women. Patriarchy refers to a social pattern in which male-bodied people dominate female-bodied people (Chapter 4 Lecture Notes 2022). Thus, your objective for Prompt Option #2 is to unpack how gender stratification operates and affects the life chances of girls, women, boys, and men.
Task #1: View the documentary titled, Miss Representation (2011) in its entirety. [Tip: Turn on closed captioning if you need to use them; run-time 90 minutes.]
[Note: Make sure to log in to Kanopy using your Mt. SAC student portal credentials once you click on the embedded video].
[Note: If you have never used Kanopy before, you can create a free student profile using your Mt. SAC email address]
Task #2 Instructions: After reading Chapter 4, reviewing the Chapter 4 Lecture Notes, and viewing the above documentary, please fully answer the following prompt in its entirety:
In your own words, define gender stratification and explain how it is found in many social institutions of society and parts of everyday life.
In what ways does gender stratification, harm women and girls?
Visit the PayScale website ( to learn more about the gender pay gap—according to PayScale (2022), what is the current state of the gender pay gap in the US?
Provide at least three examples from the textbook or lecture notes and three examples from Miss Representation (2011) to support your argument.
Be sure to type-up your all your work on a separate Word document or Google Docs document and save your work periodically. Doing so will save you from losing your work due to technical failures or accidents.
“A” students always substantiate their arguments using the course readings, chosen prompt materials, and the like by proper citing using either ASA, APA, MLA, Chicago Style, MLA, etcetera.
Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation in this college-level course in all correspondence. Please avoid “text” or “Internet lingo” when corresponding.
Be sure to integrate evidence from either the text or lecture notes and all chosen prompt option materials to substantiate your work.
Students have the option to skip one week of the DFs of their choice.
If you plan on completing this week’s DF, then you must also write two Peer Responses.
If you plan on skipping it, then simply reply “skip” in this DF thread.

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