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Book Review Guidelines     

Firekeepers Daughter by Angeline Boulley

Your reviews length is somewhere between 1250-1350 words (5 double spaced pages)

The substance of your review must take the form of answers to the below four questions, albeit crafted into cohesive prose.

Avoid direct quotations from the work that exceed more than a few words.

 1) What is the authors purpose in writing the book?

 2)What specific contributions does the book make? Identify the books particular novelty, angle, or originality   

3) How well is the authors purpose accomplished? In this section, which should be the heart of the review, you have an opportunity to make an original, critical evaluation of the book. You will want to address what is well done, poorly done, or originally done

4)How does the book contribute to our understanding of this time period, geographic area, or particular field of history? Be specific.

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