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In this discussion, let’s explore traditional energy sources versus alternative, renewable energy sources.

Please read both articles that are provided in the Lesson 7 folder in an item called “Additional Links”.


These are the links:
Make sure you cite your sources in you discussion. Also have a Work Cited on the last page of the discussion.

In addition, research the major winter storm that affected Texas and many other states this past February and answer the following.

1) In your post, describe what you found regarding the cause of the lack of electricity as a result of that storm. 

2) What event ended the rolling blackouts? 

3) What steps should we be taking to ensure that this does not happen in the future?

The second part of this discussion board is focused on the future of the energy sector.  I want you to do your research and come up with your answer to the following questions as well:

4) Which energy sources do you feel are the most important for the US and other countries to be focusing on and what problems, side effects, or issues do we face in trying to use these energy sources?
5) Can wind and solar power realistically replace coal burning power plants?  Please explain your reasoning.

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