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Content Instructions:

Use support from your assignment reading, the Instructor Guidance, and the discussions. In your paper,

  • Complete the eleven sections (Sections I-XI) of the in their entirety.
    • Summarize Henrys evaluation results (Section I).
    • List present levels of performance (Section II).
    • State the three annual goals you developed in this weeks discussion forum post (Section III).
    • Identify assessment/progress-monitoring tools used to evaluate and monitor student progress (Section IV).
    • Indicate the frequency of the assessment/progress-monitoring and data collection process for Henry (Sections V-VI).
    • Identify which team members are responsible for collecting, storing, and sharing this data (Sections VII-VIII).
    • Create a communication plan for ethically sharing this data with the IEP team (Sections IX-X).
    • Reflect on how these data will be used to make instructional decisions (Section XI).

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