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Following target behaviors are NOT allowed. Failure to adhere to this instruction will result in zero credit for part A of this assignment:

Any character from “The Office” looking/staring/talking to camera, singing, any drink consumption, smoking, saber use from any “Star Wars” movies, any filler pauses (um, uh), phone use, saying any type of catch phrase/name, or eating. 

Also, if the behavior does not occur for at least for at least 50% of time/intervals, or with frequency above 15, across all sessions or on average it should not be included in this assignment. Points will be deducted f you do not have data set as per the above listed parameters. The goal is to ensure that was enough chance to collect data on the behavior and to get a good enough chance for IOA. 

This assignment has 2 parts, The first part includes A, B, & C. Parts A & B can be worked on immediately. Once those are done please let me know and i will let you know about part C. 

The second part are mostly graphs.

All information and examples about the assignment is linked. Please look through the assignment criteria to make you are okay with what is being asked. The initial document to look at is the ‘Reliability Assignment Revised.’

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