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Chapter 15: Injuries as a Community and Public Health Problem 
Chapter 16: Safety and Health in the Workplace 
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ISBNs: 9781284349139, 20268-7, 9781284202687, 1284202690, 9781284202694
Language: English
Number of Pages: 550
Edition: 10th
assigment 6B
Safety and health in the workplace is a global concern. After the home, Americans spend the next largest portion of their time at work.

In chapter 16, you learned about work-related injuries and diseases, the history and scope of occupational safety and health, legislative efforts aimed at protecting workers, epidemiology of occupational injuries and illnesses, and prevention and control efforts. Finally, you learned about different resources (people and programs) that can be used to reduce the number and seriousness of workplace injuries and diseases (through primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention). 

List five health occupations that deal with worker safety and health. Describe their training and job assignments. For each occupation, identify one specific activity that they perform in their job and identify if this is a primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention activity. 

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