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Format Requirements: 

1. Papers should be 2000 words-long each (endnotes and bibliography are notincluded in this count). 

2. In addition to the cover page, a paper will consist of the following parts:introduction, body, conclusions, endnotes, and annotated bibliography. Theendnotes and the annotated bibliography will be printed on separate pages. 

3. Each term paper will have a cover page. Please, note that the title of your papermust be identical to the one approved by the instructor. 

4. Each paper will be double-spaced using 12 p. size Times New Roman fonts. 

5. Except for the cover page, all other pages should be numbered. 

6. All notes and references should appear as endnotes (as opposed to footnotes). 

7. In addition to the endnotes, you should also have an Annotated Bibliographysection explaining in a few lines why you have chosen to rely on each of thesources referred to in your essay. Are they really relevant to your essay? Are theyvery reliable? Please, note that reliability is very important when you use sourcesfrom the Internet. 
8. All citations and references must follow the specifications of the ChicagoManuscript Format Style. No other formatting style would be acceptable. For theChicago Format Style
You will recieve ZERO if you don’t have ENDNOTES
You will recieve ZERO if you don’t have ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 
You will recieve ZERO if you use FOOTNOTES
Marking Criteria 
Markingcriteria include: provision of background or history, presentation of issues and various points ofview, quality of argument and analysis (principles, examples, counter examples),structure/organization, clarity of writing, sufficient references, sufficient length, originality,adherence to the Chicago style, endnotes and annotated bibliography. 
You should define someterms when necessary. Be sure to thoroughly read and edit your final draft before handing it in. 
The present and future of the self-driving car:
Several big companies are trying to build the first reliable self-driving car. In pursuing this goal,they are adopting, with variable degrees of success, different strategies. At the same time, manypeople are very critical of those initiatives because of their possible social impacts. Does the selfdriving car have a future? 

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