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 What to do: Students select a contemporary issue which they believe Christians should be concerned about and on which they believe Christians should act. This topic might arise out of an issue encountered as part of ones profession or an issue facing larger society.

 Writing the paper:     Your paper will include:

1.       A definition of the ethics of the issue;

2.       How a belief in God informs the issue;

3.       What does the Bible have to contribute to our understanding of the question;

4.       How does Christ inform your approach to the topic;

5.       What can and does the church do in this area?

 Details:  The student will research other outside documents and/or books to prepare a written report. This report will be prepared from the materials citing at least four references from the documents located.

1800 to 2400 words (six to eight pages) do not include the Title Page or Reference Page in this count.

Students must follow the APA format which can be found at Marian Online 2 Online Resources Help with APA Formatting

Typed in a 12-pt font, and double-spaced. Make sure you have correct sentence structure, grammar and spelling. For example, God is always capitalized when referring to God in Heaven, not god; you is always spelled out no, u.

Please let me know what your topic of choice is! 

Thank you!

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