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Remember the first essay is due February 15th. The essay should be approximately 750 words in length, and it should be typed and double spaced. Use formal essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). Also, the essay must be in twelve-point size and Times New Roman font. Remember to provide a heading (student name, professor name, course, date) in the upper left corner. A title must be in the center just above the introduction. And each page number should be preceded by your last name in the upper right corner. 

The essay should be an analysis of some aspect of episodes one through three of Lovecraft Country.

You are required to find and incorporate two secondary research sources for this assignment (and at least one of them must be from an academic database), and to cite your sources (both with in-text citations and with a works cited page). Follow MLA guidelines. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and social media do not count toward the research credit, and Wikipedia is a banned source.

Be sure to submit your essay to the appropriate folder in Assignments on D2L.


  • Leticia Leti Lewis undergoes tremendous growth over the course of the first three episodes. How is she shaped by her experiences and the people in her life?

  • How does the shows soundtrack enhance the story? Reference and analyze examples from one episode.

  • In H.P. Lovecrafts The Call of Cthulhu, knowledge is portrayed as a dangerous activity that results in the deaths of all who pursue information about the cults who worship the ancient monster. How might you contrast this with how Lovecraft Country depicts the pursuit of knowledge?

  • Analyze the significance of the visions that Tic, George, and Leti face at the Braithwhite mansion in episode two.

  • How does our main characters knowledge of art and culture help them survive the dangers they face?

  • How might the supernatural monsters in the first three episodes represent real-life horrors?

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