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These reports are to be typed and shouldbe in Times New Roman 12pt font.



A one paragraph summery of the lab that includes:a hypothesis, the important data, any and all significant findings, as well as whythe lab is important. It is easiest to write this last as it uses informationfrom all your other sections.

~ page


The purpose of this experiment and why itis important should be defined. A hypothesis must be stated in this section. Anybackground information which could be useful for the experiment, such as thetheory of the methods used in the experiment, should be included.

~1-1 pages


In paragraph format, explain what youdid for the experiment. This should be detailed enough that someone else canrun the experiment exactly as you did and should list all equipment andchemicals used.

~ + pages



This section will contain all data in theformat of tables and figures (illustrations, charts, graphs, etc.). Within thissection data will be interpreted but no conclusions or implications will bemade. General trends should be mentioned but not concluded (i.e. Thedatapoints shown in Table 2 have 20% increases between them until the fifthaddition of the reagent. not The addition of the reagent causes a 20%increase until the reagent exceeds the amount of sample in the solution.).  Data must be in a table or figure, but thesame data should not be shown in more than one type of figure. Both tables andfigures must be titled and captioned in ACS format, as detailed in Chapters 15and 16 of The ACS Style Guide. Tables and figures must be referred to bytheir title in any text that addresses them (i.e. As you can see in Figure2).


Note: Captions for tables go above thetable and captions for figures go below the figures. Table and figures aretitled by the classification (table/figure) and the numerical order in whichthey appear in the report, staring with Table 1 and Figure 1.

~ + pages


This section will draw conclusions fromthe data discussed in the results section and will discuss the trends observedin greater detail. The focus should not be on stating what the data is butrather what the data means about the experiment and why it supports ordisproves the hypothesis stated in the abstract and introduction sections. Anyerrors in the experiment should be identified in this section and need to beclarified so that it can be understood if this creates doubt in your results.Suggestions for improving personal skill with techniques or the experimentdesign must be included in this section.

~ -1 pages


Cite all references that were used in thepaper by alphabetically by last name (these should be from your introductionand conclusion). All references should be in ACS format.



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