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Your assignment is to dig deep into these documents, take in their words, their meanings and intent. What are these documents designed to create? When you read them, what type of society do you imagine emerging from them?

  • Examine and analyze the Preamble to the Constitution. Each word has profound meaning. Line by line, examine the language and intent of this powerful introduction to the Constitution. What do the words mean? What was the intent of the Founding Fathers in writing this introduction?
  • What is the Constitution? Why was it created? Once the American Rebels kicked out the British and won independence, why was there a need for a written law that established a strong centralized government? In what way is the establishment of a centralized government democratic? Are democracy and freedom at odds with each other in any way?
  • Is the Constitution a democratic document? If so, why? If not, why? Take a stand and defend your stance.
  • Likewise, closely examine the Declaration of Independence. Why is this document so special and powerful, especially at the time it was created? You may write about anything that stands out to in you in the Declaration of Independence.
  • Lastly, compare the two. Are these documents different from one another? Do they complement one another? Do they imagine different visions for America? What issues do each address? You may choose these questions in comparing the two or come up with your own.

    Answer the above questions in 3-5 pages.

    You may find the Declaration of Independence here: (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.)

You may find the Constitution here: (Links to an external site.) or

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