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Write an exploratory paragraph, a minimum of 10 sentences in length, about your research topic that you’ve chosen for this course (the topic you wrote about for your last homework assignment).

In this paragraph, I would like you to explain how you will go about conducting research into this topic.  Please discuss the types of source materials that will be most relevant, where you will find these sources, and why you believe these kinds of materials are most crucial to your work. Because you must use the Marx Library Databases for the majority of your sources, I want you to talk about the top three databases you have found, and what led you to them, and if you are using outside sources, discuss the ones you have found and how you came across them.

Important: This assignment needs to be a minimum of 10 sentences.

Sometimes our research takes us down paths we didn’t expect that open up new approaches, or new ways of thinking about our topic. Sometimes this gives us more to consider, allows us a more balanced approach. And, on occasion, what we find simply doesn’t work for our projects. While the Research Methods section discusses successes (and some issues that were overcome), there are going to be sources that don’t find their way there. 

But, perhaps, something you found will be helpful to another researcher. 

This week, discuss one source you found that either:

1) Provided a differing/opposing viewpoint on your chosen topic


2) Ended up not being relevant to your approach. 

Write an original post of at least 6 sentence

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