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Answer These Questions
  1. Four steps to ensure food safety at home
  2. Tips on food safety when eating out
  3. Symptoms and common sources of five food poisoning illnesses
Answer these questions:
  • What did you find interesting about this week’s topic on Health & Safety?  Give examples
  • What did your learn? Give examples
  • What relevance does this week’s topic have on your peronal life or professional career as a Physical therapist? Give examples
Include references/citations to support your answers.
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Briana’s post

  • What did you find interesting about this week’s topic on Health & Safety?  

I found it interesting that chicken, pork, and beef was found to be the top three categories of food that caused an outbreak-associated illness (CDC, 2022). I also found it interesting that foods such as root vegetables, herbs, and sprouts caused the least amount of outbreak-associated illnesses (CDC, 2022). I also found it interesting that of the 1,000 or more reported yearly outbreaks come from the same culprits which are Salmonella and other common germs (CDC, 2019). This is interesting to me as everyone knows about Salmonella, so it is hard for me to believe that so many people get it. This shows that it is important to bring awareness of this issue as it continually happens and can be prevented.

  • What did you learn? 

I learned that 1 in 6 Americans get sick from contaminated food or beverages (CDC, 2022). Additionally, nearly 3,000 people die yearly from foodborne illnesses (CDC, 2022). The USDA estimates that foodborne illnesses cost the United States more than $15.6 billion a year (CDC, 2022). I learned that 1 million people get sick from eating food that has been contaminated with Salmonella each year (CDC, 2019). I also learned of the importance to enhance laboratory testing and disease reporting to let the public be aware of outbreaks sooner (CDC, 2019).

  • What relevance does this week’s topic have on your personal life or professional career? 

This weeks topic is relevant to my personal life, as it is important to be aware of necessary precautions that need to be taken to follow food safety protocols. The research that was presented helps consumers know which foods should be targeted for additional prevention efforts (CDC, 2022). This weeks topic was also relevant because it was a good reminder to be aware of food contamination. This weeks topic is also related to becoming a future healthcare professional because providers can diagnose and treat infections, talk to high-risk patients about food safety, and report suspected outbreaks to local health departments (CDC, 2019).

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