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For your first assignment as an investment analyst intern, you have been asked to write a report summarizing the performance of two different mutual funds. Your manager is trying to decide whether to include one of these funds in a clients portfolio and average stock performance is one of the key indicators.

The funds youre researching are the Fidelity Select Automotive Fund and the Fidelity Gold Fund.

The annual return data (given in percentages) is provided in the MAT312 Excel Lab #3 Data File

For part 1 of your assignment, youll need to download the Excel data file and calculate the descriptive statistics to compare the returns of each fund within Excel. You will also assess reward by constructing 95% confidence intervals for the population mean returns. These results should be shown within the Excel Spreadsheet.

Next, in order to impress your new boss, youre going to conduct a similar analysis for a third mutual fund. So, using any resource you want, you will find annual return data for a different fund (at least 5 data values). You will complete this analysis on the second sheet (New Mutual Fund) in the Excel Lab file. After pasting in the name and source of your data, and the data itself, perform the same analysis you did for part 1 on this new mutual fund data.

Your completed Excel file will be submitted to Canvas through the assignment link.

For part 2 of the assignment, your new boss has required you to submit a report of your findings. This report should have brief descriptions of both the Select Automotive Fund and the Gold Fund. What are their primary investments? You can find this information through some searching online and include it in your report somewhere in your introduction to provide some background context.

Then provide the descriptive statistics for each fund, as well as comments on the reward and risk for investing in each. You will also analyze the results of your confidence intervals and summarize the conclusion in the context of the problem. What can you recommend for further analysis?

This should be written as if you were writing a professional report to your employer, not an outline of tasks you did for a project in stat class. You can find a sample report

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