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  • Module 3: Activity Concept Map and Outcomes

    Part 1 – Findings from Worksheet 1:  Review your findings from last weeks homework (Worksheet 1: Current Context). What were some key findings? What surprised you? What did you learn? Compare and contrast your results and share them back with the class in the Learning Reflection Discussion. Type up your notes (no more than one paragraph) and include them in this module’s activity document.

    Part 2:  Concept Map on Learning Objectives/Outcomes. (Refer to a resource found in the module found at the CMAP websiteif necessary read background knowledge on cmaps and then use the tool found on the site). Create a concept map using the focus question: Why are student learning outcomes so important?  Finally, paste your map link to this module’s activity document.

    Part 3:  Watch the Teaching Channel Video found in the module. Using this and the reading done for this weeks discussion post to create three learning outcomes for children in the age/grade range you will be teaching. Hint: think of three things you might expect children at that age/grade range to be able to do. Include your three outcomes on this module’s activity document.

    Parts 1, 2, and 3 should be submitted as a single Word file to D2L.

    Making Lesson Objectives Clear. The Teaching Channel.


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