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SBP Project Discussion Forum #3:Objectives and Methodology

NOTE: Prior to completion of this Forum, it would be advantageous to review the readings for Week 9 on Organizational Intervention. ( see attached slide 11 & 12)

 Project Objectives and Methodology to include the following:

1) Measurable goals as well as a broader vision for supporting business objectives.

2) Describe the project approach and organization along with specific activities and deliverables that will move it toward its goal. This area should include a GAPS! Map for each issue to be addressed in your project. ( See GAPS! Maps in Document Downloads in General Course area and additional samples in Additional Resources on course page). Review the guideline for the number of issues to be addressed as identified in the Final SBP Project Proposal.

3) Remember that effective strategic workforce planning is the first key component for developing an HR strategy. After reading and understanding Mello text Reading 5.1, p. 168, “The Annual HR Strategic Planning Process: Design and Facilitation Lessons from Corning Incorporated Human Resources,” analyze your current organization’s workforce. For this discussion forum, identify proposed activities of workforce planning, associated with your project, identifying the tactical and strategic components. 

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