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this pba is over the topic of what motivates us to forgive.If you look at the outline it has everything you need .1st paragraph is something from your personal experience or something from a movie or real-world examples . so I will be using the story of a person who murdered someone’s daughter and the mother forgave and we have to explain how that motivates us to forgive and why the mother was motivated to forgive. 

In the second paragraph, we need to 

use examples from the tempest by Shakespeare and I want to talk about Miranda and prosper and what
motivated prosper to forgive.The outline is great for formatting and feels free to ask questions -4695350309.
also please do not plagiarise 🙂 thank you.(btw my teacher is a very strong grader so please try ur best my 
grade depends on it .!
thank you 
This is the link of an outline I already made , it’s not very good but somthing to follow and how the essay should be written 

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