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Remember the Hardy Weinberg equation from class: p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 
p + q = 1, where p is the frequency of the dominant allele and q is the frequency of the recessive allele.
Please make sure you show ALL of your work neatly and legible. Because this assignment is assessing quantitative reasoning, please show step by step how you solved each problem; include even the simplest of steps.

 All answers should be rounded to the nearest hundredth.

In the 1960s, a population of squirrels (Sciurus carolensis) was being studied in Alabama and the coat color of thesquirrels was found to range from the more common gray color (dominant) to the less common red color (recessive).When scientists sampled an area, they found 1,761 gray squirrels and 699 red squirrels. Assuming the population isat Hardy Weinbergs equilibrium, answer the following questions: 

1. what is the frequencyof the homozygous recessive individuals?

2.Based on the samescenario, what is the allele frequency of the dominant allele in thepopulation?

3.  Of the total squirrels observed, how many were heterozygousbased on the scenario 1?

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