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Headings: Single space your headings. Provide your name, the date, and the assignment number (i.e. Assignment One: Question Six) but do not restate the assignment question. Give your essay an original title.

2. Introduction/Thesis: The purpose of the introduction is to set up your thesis statement, and in a short essay such as this the introduction must be very short and efficient. The thesis should be clear, complete, and answer the question directly and specifically. When the reader reads your thesis, they should know exactly what you are arguing in response to the question.

3. Body paragraphs: The sole purpose of the body of your paper is to prove your thesis. The body of your paper should be organized into paragraphs, each of which argues some point in support of your thesis. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. Avoid topic sentences that merely narrate events. The topic sentence should capture the central argument of the paragraph and connect it to the thesis statement. Aside from topic sentences, each body paragraph must contain both cited evidence and analysis of the evidence. Every assertion should be supported by evidence, and all evidence from the text, whether quoted or paraphrased, must be cited. All quotations/evidence must be analyzed to explain their significance to the argument.

4. Conclusion: The essay should bring closure to your argument for the reader, without merely restating the thesis. The conclusion of your paper need not restate your argument directly, but it should help tie your argument together and reflect on the implications of the argument and on the historical process.

5. Formatting: Papers should be titled, typed, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins all around. They should be in black ink and in Times New Roman font. Do not add spaces between paragraphs or between items on the heading. All evidence must be cited. Since the paper is based on only one source, you need only write the page number from which

each piece of evidence is cited in parentheses at the end of the sentence (i.e. (62)). If you have only a Kindle location number, use that. Since this is such a short paper, avoid long quotations or block quotes, but choose only short and forceful pieces of evidence for your quotations, as the editor does in her introduction.

Question For the essay: the general strike stirred both sympathy and animosity. how did gender, class, ethnicity affect the strikes? describe the complex ways in which the city responded to this unprecedented upheaval.

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