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Consider what you read in Chapter 1 about constitutions and institutions, as well as what you read in Chapter 2 about how the Articles of Confederation were a failure, followed by the challenges of passing the United States Constitution. There was enormous uncertainty at the time about whether the Constitution would be any more successful than the Articles of Confederation.


Given all of that, why do you think it is that the United States Constitution has not changed very much over the past 200 years? Based on the readings and your notes, in your scholarly opinion, what about the document makes it so resilient, especially in comparison to the Articles of Confederation that came before it?

If given the opportunity to change one thing in the Constitution today, what would you add or alter? Why? You may consider anything, including amendments. Some potential topic examples include:

  • How to select the president
  • The Second Amendment
  • Should judges serve for life?

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. You may choose anything you like, though. It may help to look at the actual language of the Constitution, available on page 635, as well as the Bill of Rights and further Amendments, which start on page 641 under Amendments.

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