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CIS120 DF: Listed below are topic(s) I would like for each ofyou to discuss throughout the week. Put your writing into your own words, do not copydirectly from the source. If you incorporate external resources () inyour posts be sure to cite () themproperly.  Lastly, review how to paraphrase and quote resources before youbegin posting ().

Chapter 16

We have discussed manytypes of applications throughout the course such as word processors,spreadsheets, and databases, and now we are going to focus on socialapplications and some of the implications of these types of applications.Discuss social media applications and the variety of purposes for which theseapplications are used. Research to find some of the ways that businesses aresuccessfully using social media applications to succeed.  


Online gambling is amulti-billion dollar per year business that has grown from its inception in1995. While there are many concerns with online gambling from addiction tosecurity issues associated with fraudulent activities. Consider both theethical issues associated with online gambling as well as the security issuesassociated with online gambling. Consider how some of the issues may beovercome.

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