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 CIS120 Exercise: Summary:

For the Week 6 Exercises, you will complete and submit thefollowing items.

Chapter 16

In Chapter 16 we learn about some of the underlying technologiesof the Web that make it a productive tool for a variety of applications. Youwill show your knowledge of the topics by answering the following questions.

1. Discuss how a website and a web page are related as well ashow the World Wide Web has impacted how individuals live and how companiesconduct business.

2. Explain briefly how hypertext markup language (HTML) is usedto create web pages and include some of the programs that can be used to createweb pages in your discussion.

3. Describe how online social networks are utilized in oursociety currently as compared to social networks that existed before theInternet and online versions of social networks. Discuss how these types ofnetworks are similar.

Chapter 17

In Chapter 17 we learn about computer security from thestandpoint of techniques for preventing unauthorized access to information,types of malicious code used to circumvent security measures, and securityissues related to social media. It is important to understand how to properlydevelop and implement a comprehensive security plan. We will focus on thefundamental aspects of a security plan. You will show your knowledge of thetopics by answering the following questions.

4. Discuss the importance of the CIA triad as it relates toinformation security.

5. Explain the purpose of a company completing a risk analysisas well as the concept of separating the available data management privilegesso that no single individual has too much authority over key activities.

6. Discuss some of the methods that are utilized to preventunauthorized access to information and include the three general types ofauthentication credentials in your answer.

The purpose of the Exercise is to help you better understand thekey points. It is not sufficient to state your opinions alone; you must be ableto back up your responses by applying concepts and topics from the text withthe information that supports your findings. The expected response length is3-5 sentences per question.

Be as thorough as possible when writing your responses, andremember, this is an academic assignment, so no text-talk, no conversationaltone, and ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS don’t plagiarize!! Lastly,spell-check and proofread your work! Failure to follow these steps willnegatively impact your grade.

General APA Formatting Guidelines:

The exercise should have an APA title page and an APA referencepage. An APA abstract page is NOT required!

How to Set Up Your APA Paper: 

Upload your assignment as a Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx) document using the following naming protocol: LastnameFirstnameWK6Exercise

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