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Colonial Spanish American society was diverse and hierarchical. Traditional history has emphasized the role of Europeans, Africans, and American natives in the configuration of this complex colonial society. The Spanish Crown contributed to the conception of colonial society when attempting to divide people according to specific legal categories.  reveals that colonial society was even more complex than what authorities attempted to define and that people from Asia were essential components of this society.


In this particular case, Leonor Alvarez was natural from Lima, but her parents were originally from Asia. Her household, described in the will, was also diverse, as well as the neighborhood where she lived (described in the introductory paragraphs). People from different parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the New World lived close to each other in cosmopolitan New World cities, such as Lima. Did this diversity contribute to reinforcing social divisions? Did it allow a better coexistence of colonial people? Support with evidence from the material.


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