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Thus far, the essays we have covered explore issues such as identity, bilingualism, and grappling with different language communities such as school versus home life. For this assignment, you will write a focused, organized essay in response to one of the following texts on identity/bilingualism: Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,”
Assume your reader is familiar with the text, but needs your summary and analysis for a deeper understanding. You will explain with concision the author’s journey with their native language and with English. Additionally, in the summary you will highlight pivotal moments in the text including but not limited to any catalysts for change in the author’s perspective in relation to language.

After you have synthesized the text and supplied textual evidence by quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing, you will respond with an analysis of how the author uses rhetorical strategies to affect your perspective as the reader; analyze how the author uses ethos, pathos, logos, tone, diction, etc., and/or rhetorical devices (metaphors, repetitions, allusions, comparisons, etc) and to what effect. Imagine the text as a machine that you are breaking down. Analyze each of its parts with the goal of judging how well it functions.

The introductory paragraph should include a thesis that comments on the effectiveness of the author’s essay. Consider whether or not the rhetorical strategies employed by the author achieve what you perceive as the intended goal(s).

At least two-thirds of your paper should be spent on analysis. If your essay is 4 pages, be sure to spend at least 2.5 pages on analysis.

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