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It is so difficult to eat a diet full of fresh produce. Whole Foods and Ralphs are two of the most expensive stores in the world. Northgate has very little organic food. Food4Less . . . well, lets not even go there (literally). Even the stores with prices in between charge so much for whole fresh food. You can get 20 packs of Top Ramen for the price of one bunch of kale.

Trying to eat right is a pain. But, eat right we must.

How do you navigate the headache of not enough money to even afford the things you like, forget the things you know you should eat?

In your first five-to-seven paragraph narrative essay, describe your relationship with food. What about your attempt to eat a wholesome diet, incorporating whole foods (fruits and vegetables), healthy meats, and good, nutritious snacks (yeah, right)? How is that working for you?

First, you may want to explain your definition of health and well being or a wholesome diet and how you maintain, sustain, or completely fail at either or both of them. You may also discuss the challenges of lifes pace and your attempt to stay functional. Or, take a look at the bigger picture. What is going on between human being and alleged food? What of our dependency on corporate food? How is the world (and or you) responding to the current food crises in the city?

Remember to incorporate into your assessment information from at least two of the articles and essays you have read, the documentaries you have screened, and any reading you have done to date.

How are these messages in line with yours or totally different? Do you think anyone in any of these films or essays has a strong point? Is there something you saw or read you would like to incorporate into your routine?

This is a narrative and it is written from your point of view. However, synthesis is always key to a strong essay. Take the information from the films and readings and bring it together with your personal beliefs and practices in some rational, reasoned way.

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