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2) Your paper will consist of 3 parts:

a. Title Page – (MUST INCLUDE – in any style) Title or Disease Name

System Affected

Your Name

Your Class (BIO201/202) Turn-in Date

b. Body – 5 to 7 pages, 1 inch margins ALL around, NO title, double spaced, STANDARD TYPE ONLY (12 point, TNR), pages may be numbered, discuss the disease process you have chosen (first person usage is fine) in relation to normal function of the system, include any history/background of the disease, as well as current prognosis and treatment. You should DEFINITELY include opening and closing paragraphs in first person explain why you chose the disease and summarize what you learned or how you benefited from your research.

c. Reference Page – at least 5 current references required – books, periodicals, internet, interviews, etc. – use a variety of sources – MUST be copy write (w/in 5 years) since 2016!! – alphabetize by title/author – standard bibliography style (title, author, copy date, publisher) or number.

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