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  • I want to see that you read and actually thought about the readings

  • Think about potential final project ideas as you read and take notes – what will be helpful for you to go back to when you need to write your essay?


  • You must answer 2 (or more) of the following prompts:
    • Pick something from the reading that resonated with you. What was it? Why?
    • Pick something from your daily life or from popular culture/news that resonated with you. This should relate to some themes in the class. Describe what it was. Why did it resonate?
    • Your answer to these may not be enough to hit page/word count requirements
  • Do NOT just take notes. You may include notes, but I want to see your own thoughts
  • Some additional questions to think about (you don’t have to answer these)
    • What was new to you? Why is it new – what about education, public history, etc. created barriers to knowing this information?
    • How do the readings connect to your everyday life in Los Angeles?


  • Page/Word Count
    • I’m asking that you hit 1 Word Doc/Google Doc page for EACH required  reading – this is not a hard rule
      • Some weeks you’ll like one reading more than the other 
      • Sometimes you’ll really love a reading and want to go well over that page count
      • Other weeks you’ll not really connect with a reading and have less to say
    • If the page count is a hard way to imagine how much you have to write, write 400-600 words per reading entry 
  • Use 12 pt. font, single-spaced 
  • You can use a combination of bullet points (still form complete thoughts), narrative styles, short sentences/phrases, free write, etc
  • Include quotes and analyze them
  • I’m not asking for a coherent essay – use whatever combination of styles that works for you and is easy for you to refer back to
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