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Please read the article I have uploaded to answer these questions. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER VERSION OF THIS ARTICLE EXCEPT THIS. 

Please read over the associated article (Hoff, 2003) in order to answer the following questions.

1. Imagine you are trying to explain the goal of this study to someone unfamiliar with developmental psychology. What is this goal in regular/lay-persons language?

2. The author specifically selected children who were at equal levels of language development, instead of at equal ages. Why?

3. One potential limitation in this study is that a low SES group was not studied. Do you feel that the findings of the current study would change if that group was included? Explain your answer.

4. The author states that there are potentially multiple reasons why longer utterances helped children learn more language. Which of these explanations do you think works best to explain this phenomenon, and why?

5. Based on these findings, what do you think would be the best way to remediate the effect of SES on childrens language development?

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