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Week 3 Assignment | Event Audit Site Approval

You must submit a detailed description of your site selected for your Final Project: Event Audit.

Your submission should be submitted in a Word Document and include the following:
1. Name of Event
2. Dates of Event & Dates you will attend.
3. Site of Event
4. Hosting Organization
5. People you have contacted in the organization regarding your project and your attendance at the event.
6. One concise paragraph regarding why you think this is an appropriate selection.

This assignment is to be approximately 1 page long. This event must be a future event between Week 1 and Week 7 of this class as you must conduct three interviews at the event as required in the directions (please see the directions for the final project/event audit due at the end of Week 7).

This project/paper incorporates the core concepts learned in this course and demonstrates an understanding of Sports Event Management.

Over the course of these eight weeks you must select a sport event to attend and provide a critical assessment of the event. You must have your event approved by the end of the fourth week of the course. Your assignment should be 8-12 pages in length, not including the title or reference page and follow the criteria below.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to visit a sporting event and evaluate the key elements comprising the sport experience based on information from the text and course. Your task is to apply course-related material to a real-world sport event. For this assignment, you are to attend a sporting event and perform an assessment of that event. By analyzing the event you should heighten your understanding of consumers’ reactions to the event and understand how to better manage an event that meets customers’ and sponsors’ needs.

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