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In your papers, be sure to specifically address the following issues: 

(1) Why did the authors conduct this study?  (i.e., What questions did they hope this research would answer?  what theories led them to conduct this research? What past research are they expanding upon?)  

(2) What are their main hypotheses?  What are the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s)?  

(3) What are the main results of each study?  

(4a) Does each study have good external validity:  Is there a random/representative sample of the population of interest?  Are participants behaving naturally?  

(4b) Does each study have good internal validity: Are there any confounds (i.e., Did the researchers use random assignment? Is there good control of the independent variable?)? 

Although I expect you to address each of these questions in your papers, the length and accuracy of each answer will vary depending on the article you choose, but most JARs will be 3-4 pages.  The number of studies varies per article.  You are expected to answer questions 2-4 for each study in the article.  

Do not plagiarizeDo not quote.  The responses to the questions must be in your own wordsThere is no need to use APA style (e.g., cover page, References) for this paper.  

The JAR is worth 20 points.  Papers should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and 12 pt Times New Roman font.  


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