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Choose four popular press articles related to genetics, and come up with four research questions and a hypothesis (one per article) you 

propose as a possible explanation for that research question. 

Are the health promoting effects of the Greenlander genotype due to bacteria fermenting undigested sucrose and isomaltase?

Remember that research questions have two characteristics: are unknown and can be tested. Remember that hypotheses are logical possible answers to that research questions.

To find a good research question please follow the next steps:

  1. Look for a popular press article related to Genetics
  2. Summarize the main points
  3. Think of follow-up questions that could be a good research question
  4. Devise a research question + hypothesis
  5. Provide back up information for your hypothesis

Here is how the post would go:

I thought of this research question after finding the article “For some Greenlanders, eating sugar is healthy”. In the article, a study performed in humans and mice, demonstrated that adult individuals with a homozygote genotype for a particular mutation in the gene that codes for the sucrase-isomaltase enzyme exhibit high levels of acetate and some health benefits such as lower BMI and better metabolism. However, they found that children with this genotype suffer from intestinal problems.

One thing that the authors of the research did not test though, was WHY these individuals had the health benefit. My research question comes from the unknowns the article left: DO THE HEALTH BENEFITS IN ADULTS COME FROM BACTERIAL GUT FERMENTING THE UNDIGESTED SUGARS INTO ACETATE?

My hypothesis is that indeed the health benefits in adults are caused by bacteria fermenting the sucrase into acetate. Some evidence that backs up my hypothesis is that: 1. It has been demonstrated that acetate reduces hunger and boosts metabolism, 2. Children with underdeveloped gut bacteria do not see this benefit and 3. Gut bacteria can transform sucrase into acetate.

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