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The Cedar Fire in San Diego County was one of the top 10 largest wild fires in California’s modern history. Driven by Santa Ana winds the fire spread at 3,600 acres per hour & consumed 2,820 buildings including 2,232 homes. 15 people were killed including 1 firefighter. This fire was started by a hunter trying to get the attention of rescuers.

Key points of this fire include:

  • 273,246 acres, 42.7sq mi, (Long Beach is 51.5 sq mi).

  • 15 people died. Some of the victims were found in their cars so badly burned they were only identified by the tags of pets dead near them. Others died in their vehicles fleeing the fire but were overtaken by the fire driven by 60 mph Santa Ana winds.

  • Cost at least $1.331 billion dollars.

  • 2,820 buildings including 2,232 homes destroyed.

A hunter, tried & convicted of starting the fire, was sentenced to a 6 month work furlough program, 960 hours (40 days) of community service, five years of probation & a fine of $9,000.

Based on the anecdotal information available on the internet for this and other top fires in the following chart please discuss the impact this fire likely had on Real Estate values, short & long term, in the central San Diego County recreational area near the community of Julian and the surrounding area. Additionally discuss the likely attitudes of buyers for homes located in other local fire prone areas shortly after these fires. The most current fires will have the most relevant data for today’s buyers.

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