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 You are the State Department desk officer for the small East Asian country of Freedonia.  Freedonia is a middle-income country with a rapidly growing technology manufacturing sector.  Human rights NGOs categorize it as Partly Free.

The Secretary of State has just announced a new policy to promote Internet freedom worldwide.   You have been asked to write a demarche on the new policy for the US Embassy to deliver to the government of Freedonia (GOF).  You know there is only one political-economic officer at the embassy, who always has too much to do, so you want to make it as clear as possible what the main message is that she needs to deliver to the GOF.

Assume the recommendations in the attached paper on “Protecting and Promoting Internet Freedom” represent the new US policy.  Write a demarche for US Embassy Freedonia to deliver, making sure you include the objective, some background, and at least four talking points.  No special formatting is required.   Please do not write using only capital letters!

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