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Attached is the outline for this essay. Also listed below will be the rubric for the essay. 

The paper must be submitted:

  • As a word attachment in Assignment Dropbox
  • APA format ( see
  • Cover page ( Name, Course, Date)
  • Introduction (why you chose topic, what your topic is about, what the reader is about to view, main points preview) 1 page
  • Body (3 Main points for discussion) 3 pages
  • Closing  (tell the reader the paper summary. Highlight main points, include your thoughts on the topic, recommendations if you were leader of a public safety agency) 1 page
  • Reference Page. 5 sources  
  • Use at least 2 sources from BB content section that the Professor provided
  • The paper must demonstrate your critical thinking skills, dominated by your own thoughts, supported by citations (APA format).
  • The paper should include comparison/contrast of topics discussed in class ( if applicable)
  • Do your own work! Be well versed on the topic as you will be presenting what you learned to the class.

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