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Create a news story. You may use up to two quotes but the crowds are combined must not total more than 50 words. Make it a story. Dont say Charlene was interviewed. Find a news angle.   Makeup any details about it.

Dont make it a profile piece. We are not learning about the person. They are simply the source for your new story. This is not a future story.

Dont use first person in this article. It should be written in inverted pyramid style appropriate for the front page. Meaning the important information should be on top. Present an objective dialogue on the subject. Present the facts and allow your Readers to come to his/her conclusion. Be fair.

Use a lead, body/development. And conclusions

Keep paragraphs short. Write one idea per paragraph. Add transitions. Be objective, truthful, and fair,

The person that is interviewed is name Charlene McCallum

Interviewing her about a fashion show that she did for her school Marymount University. Her major is fashion merchandising and she got to design 2 dresses for the fashion show. She created two designs of dresses. Makeup details about the show. Add another quote as well.The show happen this month. 

Quote- I felt so proud of myself because I accomplish something that Ive been interested in since I was 10 years old.

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