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Develop an outline for a one-to two-day training seminar built for teachers of your organization. The materials for the training do not have to be fully flushed out, but your outline needs to contain sufficient information for someone to understand what will occur during the professional development. Please note: You will record yourself delivering the training in Week 8

Focus the training seminar on the integration of EdTech tools to improve student learning

Address the following in your outline: 

  • What technology tools are you proposing your school or district adopt?  
  • How would you train faculty on those tools?  
  • How will the tools promote student engagement and improve student learning?  
  • How did you assess the viability of the tools you selected?  
  • Address any financial impact adopting the tools would have on the school.  
  • Address any concerns around digital citizenship and ethics

Format your outline consistent with APA style guidelines. 

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